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I feel fitter and more flexible again

When we received the invitation regarding the reflexologist I was curious because I never heard of it before. Due to this curiosity I signed up for this. It was a very relax and easy going during the sessions and I received a lot of tips. The strange thing is that points in your feet are connected with your total body and by handling them one by one you get the awareness where the bottle necks are in your body. And from there you can built up a plan to do something with this information that your receive.

The result turned out positive for me because due to some tips I feel fitter and more flexible again. I’m now more aware of my eating pattern and move more so my body is a bit fitter then before.

So I would like to thank Ilse again for the sessions and would like to recommend this for everybody. Also thanks to Paul Smilde who made this possible for our department.

Frank Geerings
Senior order manager

These sessions helped me to feel mentally better

I had no doubts in joining the session. Reacted once the session were announced within half an hour and did not regret attending them.

I found foot reflexology a great experience. Mainly due to feeling comfortable around Ilse. In general this experience has been practically painless and very relaxing.

Foot reflexology gave me a very uplifting and relaxing feeling after each session. Even though I did not have health issues that were very severe and obvious, these sessions helped me to feel mentally better. I had a feeling of love for myself after each session and this feeling did not leave me as easily as it used to in the past.

Alicija Boiko
Order Manager CFC India

Ilse is a very qualified reflexologist

I had no doubts, my mother is a reflexologist, so I was already familiar with the therapy. It's a very good experience, it is relaxing and I was looking forward to the session every time. My neck pain decreased and I was very relaxed after each session.

Ilse is a very qualified reflexologist, she is easy to talk to and trustworthy.

Jessica de Mol
Market Fulfillment Coördinator

I can recommend the sessions without hesitation

The reflexology sessions felt good and relaxing. It’s good to leave the work spot for an hour and get back in a more relaxed state of mind. My complaints are already bothering me for almost 40 years. I thinks it’s to optimistic to think that the complaints will disappear after 6 sessions. But maybe with some more sessions….. Who knows.

You have treated me with a very friendly and personal approach. I felt very comfortable with you. I can recommend the sessions without hesitation.


I recommend these sessions to others!

I am very satisfied. The intake ensures that further treatment is focused on healing the tensions. Ilse’s personal interest in how you feel also shows how connected body and mind are. I recommend these sessions to others!

Harold Verhoeven
Contracts Manager

Ilse is really great in her work

I had doubts that it could really have effect on body & mind. After a session when I was not feeling well, I felt better than before the session. Therefore I am convinced that reflexology is good for body and mind. I found the reflexology sessions very nice, relaxed, environment and Ilse is really great in her work and not to forget a very nice person. I think I will book new session with Ilse after I change my health insurance for 2017.

Mandy de Wolff-Andreas
iDoc Monitoring Specialist / Markets Hold Coordinator EMEA Direct Export

She helped me in getting rid of some of my pain

It was very nice having Foot-reflex therapy sessions with Ilse. Her hands are magical and very soothing. She helped me in getting rid of some of my pain. She has very good knowledge of pressure points in feet and what specific point connects to which body part. I wish her all the very best in this good work of healing people from their pains.
Thanks and keep up the good work!

Kavita Agrawal

De voetrefelexoloog geeft een voetreflexmassage